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Breathing Air Purifiers


Guaranteed performance
B-Series medical breathing purifiers provide the highest standard of performance of purity and deliver air in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia and other international regulations.

Patented Filter/Desiccant cartridge (one per column)

  • Water separation, inlet and outlet filtration integrated into cartridge (eliminates up to 3 external filters and drains conventionally used by other systems)
  • Snow storm filled to maximise performance
  • Inlet filtration facilities excellent flow distribution, lowering pressure loss
  • Simplified maintenance procedures due to composite purifying cartridge (Less parts
    and less cost)

Built in reliability gives you

  • High efficiency water separation - timed solenoid valve operation
  • Integral volumetric flow limiter prevents overflow protecting the desiccant and maintaining dew point
  • Collected condensate is removed automatically
  • High tensile extruded aluminium column corrosion protection
  • The solenoid operated diaphragm valves have proven performance and reliability
    with a 5 year life

PLC Control

  • Robust, reliable control system, offering a number of features including indicators for ‘power on’, ‘service required’ and ‘hours run.’
  • Memory retention - starts dryer where it left off in the drying cycle to prevent wet
    air downstream
  • The energy saving feature starts and stops the dryer, controlled by a compressor or point-of-use equipment to eliminate purge loss when off

Alarms (optional)

  • Pressure dew point
  • Low Pressure
  • Fault logging

Energy Saving

  • Integrated 2 stages of filtration (inlet & outlet) eliminate external filter housings**
  • Purge air for regeneration is only 15%
  • Dew point monitoring can save at least 60% of the compressor energy. With this option, a dew point sensor is incorporated within the dryer design, providing the ultimate in energy saving
  • Constant monitoring of the outlet dew point enables load dependant control for adsorption. Cycle times are adjusted to the actual water load with varying inlet conditions; saving regeneration (purge) air
  • Constant monitoring of the outlet dew point is a good indicator of correct operation

** (coalescing filters will be required for oil removal when using B-Series Medical Breathing Air Purifier with an oil lubricated compressor)

Backed by our 5 year extended warranty




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