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CO2 Adsorption Dryers

The nano C-Series range of CO2 adsorption dryers purify regular compressed air to deliver a continuous supply of clean, dry (-70 °C pdp) and CO2 free (<1 ppm) purge gas. CO2 adsorption dryers replace high pressure oxygen or nitrogen gas cylinders and are ideal for numerous applications including FT-IR (Fourier transform infrared) purge, TOC purge, NMR, GC flame gas and laser purging.

The dryer design has been developed with the laboratory environment in mind - the unit can easily be wall mounted to save valuable bench space. The novel exhaust silencing system ensures that the unit is incredibly quiet in operation.

Using proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, the units feature automatic regeneration and integral pre and post filtration providing totally clean, dry air with a CO2 level of <1ppm.

All nano system products are designed and manufactured within an ISO9001 quality system and are CE marked.


  • Outlet CO2 content to less than 1 PPM
  • Outlet flow capacities up to 120 L/min
  • Air dried to less than -70°C (-100°F) dew point
  • Compact and lightweight design requires less space
  • PLC control with clear display provides feedback
  • Full repressurisation means no pressure fluctuations
  • Novel exhaust silencing system ensures quiet operation


Guaranteed Performance
nano CO2 adsorption dryers provide the highest standard of performance, backed up with a 5 year warranty. 100% function and performance tested.

Increased Efficiency
A constant supply of high air purity eliminates interruption of analyses (to change cylinders) and reduces the amount of instrument re-calibration required.

Lower Running Costs
Producing CO2-free air from an existing compressed air supply is significantly cheaper than using cylinder supplies.

Simple Installation
CO2 adsorption dryers can be installed in the laboratory, eliminating the need for long gas lines from cylinders.

Quiet Operation
Novel exhaust air silencer significantly reduces noise levels (<60dB(a)).

Easy to Maintain
Unique factory built filtration and adsorption cartridge makes servicing simple. Less than 15 minutes required for maintenance.




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