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D-Series Ultra High Purity Compressed Air Dryers

Clean and dry compressed air is easily achieved with the nano D-Series ultrahigh purity compressed air dryers.

D-Series dryers reliably give you:

  • More for your money - everything needed for installation is in the box
  • Moisture & particulate protection of your production process
  • Lower life cycle costs - low energy costs and simplified maintenance
  • Built in dewpoint monitoring (optional)
  • Space saving D1 & D2 - models can be easily wall mounted
  • Safe and quiet operation
  • Flows 5-1590 Nm3/hr at 7 barg operating pressure
  • Peace of mind - The most reliable product of its kind

Designed for use in the compressor room, at the point of application or integrated into your original equipment, nano dryers are an effective solution to the problems caused by contaminated compressed air.

Benefits - get more for your money

Guaranteed Performance

  • The nano D-Series dryers have been 100% function and performance tested at the factory to ensure the highest standard of performance, delivering compressed air
    purity in accordance with ISO8573:1 - 2001, Class 2 dirt (1 micron) and Class 2 water
    (-40°C pressure dewpoint)

Reliable Operation

  • High efficiency moisture removal and reliable operation with PLC controlled solenoid valves
  • Integral volumetric flow limiter prevents overflow ensuring consistent
    dewpoint performance

Quiet Operation

  • Unique exhaust air silencers significantly reduce noise levels when Depressurising

Energy Saving Design

  • Integrated outlet filtration eliminates the need for external after filter*
  • Advanced design limits regeneration purge air usage to approximately 15%
  • Energy saving dewpoint monitoring option can save up to 60% during reduced inlet moisture loading

PLC Controls and Digital Display

  • A clear digital display provides a full view of PLC operation and monitoring data

High Quality Construction

  • 100% tested for leaks, proper operation and dewpoint performance

Easy to Install Space Saving Design

  • Easy to install & ready for use, the D1 & D2 packages include a power cable and mounting brackets for either floor or wall mounting
  • The compact design of the D3 allows installation in spaces too small
    for a traditional dryer

Easy to Maintain

  • Patented, combined filter and desiccant cartridges (D1 & D2) can be serviced in less than 15 minutes
  • Integrated filtration*
  • Convenient service kits for easy and efficient maintenance
  • Integrated exhaust air silencers require no maintenance or replacement

Backed by our 5 year extended warranty




Flow Capacity:
5-41 Nm3/hr (3-24 scfm)
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Flow Capacity:
59-306 Nm3/hr (35-180 scfm)
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Flow Capacity:
221-1110 Nm3/hr (360-1870 scfm)

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