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Compressed Air Dryer Modules

Ultra High Purity Compressed AirDryer Modules for OEM Applications
D-Series Dryer Modules -40°C/F Pressure Dew Point

nano D-Series compressed air dryers
The D-Series range of Ultra High Purity Compressed Air Desiccant Dryers have proven high standards for clean and dry compressed air and are used worldwide in many diverse applications. Their unique modular design offers a high quality, reliable, energy saving compressed air dryer that is easy to install, maintain and operate.

nano D-Series desiccant dryer modules - OEM
nano purification solutions ltd offers D-Series Desiccant Dryer Modules for use in OEM applications. The Dryer Modules are the core of the successful range of nano D-Series Desiccant Dryers and are supplied as prebuilt and tested Dryer Modules that can easily be built into and integrated into your own OEM products.

PLC Controlled
D-Series Dryer Modules provide options for control that include:

  • Fully functional PLC complete with display
  • Blind PLC
  • Use of your own controller

System Design
The design and compact configuration enables nano D-Series Desiccant Dryer Modules to be built into and integrated into a wide range of compressed air equipment and compressor packages of all sizes.

Our experienced team of design engineers are world leading specialists in the design of industrial compressed air and gas treatment products – they will work with you to specify and design an integrated compressed air drying solution for your OEM products.

Advantages of D-Series Dryer Module:

  • Compact design enables integration with OEM products
  • Safe and quiet operation
  • Flow rates of 5 - 301 Nm3/hr (3 - 177 scfm) at pressures of 7 barg
  • Constant flow and pressure
  • High compressed air purity
  • Optimum -40 C/F pressure dew point performance as standard
  • Optional dew points from -20°C to -74°C are available
  • Reliable high performance solenoid valves
  • Peace of mind - Probably the most reliable product of its kind

Benefits of D-Series Dryer Modules
Guaranteed Performance

  • D-Series Dryer Modules are all 100% function and performance tested at the factory to ensure the highest standard of performance
  • Delivering compressed air purity in accordance with ISO8573:1 – 2001, Class 2 dirt (1 micron) and Class 2 water (-40 C/F pressure dew point)

Built in Reliability

  • High efficiency water separation - timed solenoid drain valve operation
  • Integral volumetric flow limiter prevents overflow eliminating overflow and loss
    of dew point
  • Collected condensate removed every dryer cycle
  • Reduced purge air loss

Quiet Operation

  • Unique exhaust air silencers significantly reduce noise levels when depressurising

Simple Integration

  • Compact design configuration
  • Integrates into your OEM product

Energy Saving Design

  • Integrated 2 stages of filtration (inlet & outlet) eliminate external filter housings*
  • Purge air for regeneration is typically 15%
  • Dew point monitoring can save up to 60% of compressor energy

High Quality Build

  • Every D-Series Dryer Module is pressure tested and checked for zero leaks, 100% function and dew point performance
  • Maximum corrosion protection

PLC Controller Options

  • Flexible options for PLC Controllers

Easy to Maintain

  • Patented, combined filter and desiccant cartridges can be serviced typically in less than 15 minutes
  • Integrated filtration*
  • Convenient service kits for easy and efficient maintenance
  • Integrated exhaust air silencers require no maintenance or replacement
  • * (coalescing filters are required for oil lubricated compressors)
D-Series Dryer Modules
Flow Capacity Upto:
5 Nm3/hr - (180 scfm)
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nano D-Series Compressed Air Dryer Modules are reliable, well designed and compact for easy
integration into OEM products.
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