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New - Compressed Air Dryer Modules for OEM Use

New - Compressed Air Dryer Modules for OEM Use

nano purification solutions ltd has recently launched a new range of Ultra High Purity Compressed Air
Dryer Modules specifically designed for OEM Applications. The new desiccant dryer modules provide a Pressure Dew Point of -40°C/F at an inlet air pressure of 7.0 barg (100 psig) and temperature of 37.7°C (100°F) making them ideal for many applications where clean dry compressed air is required.

Dewpoint Suppression Dryer Modules - Now Available

New Nitrogen Generator Range

The advanced nano N2 plus range of Nitrogen Generators use integrated drying cartridges to provide dehydration of the compressed air prior to separation. This innovative feature (patent pending) eliminates the need for a separate desiccant dryer - saving up to 20% purge loss, significantly reducing capital and installation costs and reducing overall pressure drop by 0,7 barg (10 psig) or more over traditional Nitrogen generation systems.

Drying Compressed Air and Gasses, CO2 Recovery and Contaminant Removal

Reliable Operation of High Purity Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers

By Colin Billiet, Chief Executive of nano purification solutions ltd.

Desiccant compressed air dryers offer a simple solution where very dry compressed air is required however there are some key issues which must be considered to make their operation reliable. In particular, excessive flow, low pressure, silencer back pressure and purge air must be carefully monitored and controlled. This paper discusses common issues affecting the reliability of compressed air desiccant dryers which lead to loss of performance.

Extended Range of D-Series Ultra High Purity Compressed Air Dryers

Extended Range of D-Series Ultra High Purity
Compressed Air Dryers

We have extended our range of D-Series Ultra High Purity Compressed Air Dryers to cover flow rates of 5 - 1110 Nm3/hr( 3 - 1870 scfm) at pressures of 7 barg.


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